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Bike Ride from Bangalore to Gandikota & Belum Caves – The Grand Canyon of India [Full Travel Guide]


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Gandikota, also known as Grand Canyon of India is situated in Andhra Pradesh. This place is famous for its deep river gorges formed on the side of the river Penna. Originally The Grand Canyon is a National Park located in Arizona in the United States.

As since a long time I wanted to visit this place, but due to some other important plans, it was cancelled again and again.

Gandikota grand canyon of India

Gandikota – The Grand Canyon of India

In the weekend we decided to start for Gandikota, but actually we started on Saturday at 3 pm. Yes, we supposed to leave in the early morning but due to some urgency, we started by 3 pm. We already were too late so now we decided not to take more breaks on the way. The Gandikota is situated in the centre of Hyderabad and Bangalore in Andhra Pradesh. So at the weekend, mostly IT folks will visit this place from Hyderabad and Bangalore.


How to Reach Gandikota

  • The nearest airport is Tirupati Airport – 230 km/5 hr
  • Distance from Bangalore to Gandikota is  – 280 km/6 hr
  • Distance from Hyderabad to Gandikota is – 380 km/7 hr
night camping gandikota
Night Camping at Gandikota


Gandikota, also known as Grand Canyon of India is situated in Andhra Pradesh. This place is famous for its deep river gorges formed on the side of the river Penna. It’s a perfect 2 days getaway for Hyderbad and Bangalore folks. 6 hrs drive from Bangalore and 7 hrs from Hyderabad.

Sunrise at Gandikota
Sunrise at Camping Sight, Gandikota

The must-do thing here is camping, where we have spent the whole night under the open sky full of stars with the campfire at the river valley near Gandikota Fort and in the morning witnessed one of the best Sunrise. Winter is the best season to visit Gandikota as it will be too hot in summer.

To get real peace with lying down beneath the sky full of stars and moon alongside the campfire, you must visit this place at weekdays in Andhra.

gandikota morning breakfast


In Gandikota, if you are looking for the luxurious stay, then you can go for Haritha Resort. In all tourist places of Andhra Pradesh, you will find Haritha Resort, as it is the Resort of Andhra Pradesh Tourism by the government of AP.

Gandikota river gorge
Penna River Gorge

At Gandikota if you are planning to stay at the campsite in tents, then I would suggest you don’t prebook the tent if you are going to the weekdays. There are a number of providers you will get there when you reach Gandikota and if you pre-book then the price might be more.

Gandikota mosque
Jamia Masjid, Gandikota (Mosque)

If you are going at the weekends then you can prebook the tents with some bargaining and make sure to cross-check the prices with other tent providers as well.

NOTE: You are allowed to take your own tent and kinds of stuff at the campsite. The Place is pretty clean for now. Request to please keep the place clean, dispose of garbage responsibly.




2 Days

Best Season

Winter Season

Also Known As

The Grand Canyon of India

Best Weekend Getaway for

Bangalore & Hyderabad


gandikota grand canyon of India
Gandikota – The Grand Canyon of India


Places to Visit in Gandikota

  1. Night Camping near Penna River.
  2. Gandikota Fort (Gandikota River View Point)
  3. Jamia Masjid
  4. Ramanatha Swamy Temple
  5. Windmill View
  6. Hiking, Trekking, Rafting and other adventure programs.
  7. Mylavaram Dam for Boating and Scenery.
gandikota windmill view
Windmill View, Gandikota


Belum Caves

Belum Caves claimed as the second largest caves in the Indian Subcontinent is the must-visit place if you are visiting Gandikota. Just 90 min drive from Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh, these caves are formed naturally by the flow of water.

As an adventure freak, I always wanted to explore large caves just like we’re seeing in some movies like in the Harry Potter series. The length of these caves which is currently accessible for tourists is around 3.1 km (go and fro).

Belum caves andhra pradesh
Inside the Cave



3 km (go & fro)

Distance from Gandikota

60 km/90 min

Known As

The 2nd Largest Caves of India


Naturally (Flow of Water)


Belum Caves and Gandikota trip is the best weekend getaway from Bangalore & Hyderabad.

I would recommend you to visit in the winter season, as this season is best for night camping under the open sky and the weather is moderate in this time as compared to another season in Andhra Pradesh.

bangalore to gandikota
Enroute Belum Caves

In Gandikota you can stay till 10 am after that it will be too hot and till that time almost all the places you would cover.

After 10 you can start from Gandikota to Belum Caves, as the distance is only 60 km. By afternoon after reaching Belum Caves, you can have lunch at the fine Restaurant of Haritha Resort located in premises.

Belum caves andhra pradesh
Entry to Belum Caves

Don’t eat too much, because the caves total length is around 3 km and it will take almost 1-2 hours to explore the full cave. The cave ends at the place named “Patalganga“, there you can find underground water stream and the “Shivalinga“.

belum caves

The caves are relatively wide except at some places where you need to go in sitting/lying posture.

Belum Entrance

Belum Caves is the best example of architecture done by nature itself.

During wandering around the gorges of Gandikota, we made a bunch of friends who were also on a Road trip from all the way to Bangalore. In going time, we guys rode together till we have reached Bangalore.

Before making an itinerary to this Road trip, watch out my VLOG of Gandikota & Belum Caves here.


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Gandikota & Belum Caves will make your weekend far better than going to a pub. We Indians got much more to explore in our country so get out of your comfort zone and start exploring all these places.

night camping at gandikota
Camping in Gandikota


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Gandikota is known as The Grand Canyon Of India?

Answer: At Gandikota, there are huge and deep river gorges on the sides of River Penna which makes the look of these gorges just like the original Grand Canyon, Arizona (US).

2. What is the best time to visit Gandikota?

Answer: Winter Season is the best time to visit Gandikota. Ideally, you can visit this place from September to February. As in summer, the temperature goes up to 40-45 degree celsius, so avoid visiting in summer.


ride to belum caves
Somewhere near Belum Caves

3. How is the road from Bangalore to Gandikota?

Answer: The Road I chose – Bangalore>Kodur>Kadiri>Gandikota (289 km/6 hr)

1st break (110km) till Kodur, the road is perfect as it is the Hyderbad Highway (NH 44).

After that, the road condition is not good, you will find patches on the road and with a lot of small turns.

From Kadiri, you will get the road in good condition. But don’t speed up your vehicle as you will pass from many villages.

4. How long is the Belum Caves?

Answer: The length of Belum Caves is total 3 km (to & fro) and it the second largest caves of India after the caves of Meghalaya.

5.  How to reach Belum Caves from Gandikota?

Answer: The Distance from Gandikota to Belum Caves is around 60km/90 min. Direct buses are not available to Belum Caves. You need to change 2 times and then hire an auto/rickshaw to reach Belum Caves. Private Vehicle is the best option to visit this place.

6. How Belum Caves formed?

Answer: Belum Caves formed naturally by the flow of water beneath the ground.


gandikota to belum caves
Catching the beautiful Sunset During a Short Break on Highway





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