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Har Ki Dun Trek – My First Himalayan Trekking Experience & Travel Guide


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Considering the COVID-19 situation, different state governments have laid out their respective protocols for passengers entering in their states. Before you travel, make sure to read and understand the complete guidelines of the city/state you are travelling to and comply with the same so as to ease your travel plans.

Can you imagine going to such a remote place where you won’t get any mobile network for 7 days continuously and you have to get disconnected from the world but you’ll get connected to yourself? Yes, I did that adventure. Read the full blog of this beautiful trek.

Har Ki Dun Trek
View of Har Ki Dun Campsite

Har Ki Dun was my first Himalayan trek which I’ve completed in June 2018 (excluding Amarnath in 2005) and I started writing travel blogs from this trek itself.

Har ki Dun means Valley of God, this trek is situated in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand in Govind Pashu wildlife sanctuary. It is one of the best Himalayan treks for beginners.


Base Camp

Sankri (Uttrakhand)


7-8 Days (Dehradun to Dehradun)


11,676 ft.

Best Season


Trek Distance

65 Km (till Jaundhar Glacier)


jaundhar glacier
A view of Jaundhar Glacier from 14,000 ft

The whole journey we need to trek alongside river Supin in thick forest and you need to fill the bottle of drinking water from running streams & after reaching the last campsite of Har ki Dun, the view you’ll get there is like a dreamland you’ve seen in animated movies. It is one of the beautiful places I’ve ever seen where besides the riverside you have a camp with an amazing view.

So I am sharing my travel experience of this Himalayan Trek which will also help you all as a travel guide.

Day 1 – Dehradun to Sankri (200 km/9 hr)

The Reporting place was Dehradun, the winter capital of Uttrakhand. From Dehradun, we left for Sankri by road and it took almost 9 hours to reach there. Sankri comes under the Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, so the trekkers need to take the permit from the forest officials before starting the trek. We have reached Sankri by the evening and as it was the ghat journey, so we all got tired too much.

on the way to sankri from dehradun
Passing through a town in between Dehradun to Sankri
Sankri is a small village which is the base camp for 2 major Himalayan treks i.e. Har Ki Dun & KedarKantha

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sankri uttrakhand trek

After taking some rest in the rest house we got called off for dinner and we all had Garma Garam so-called Desi Khana. (hot & tasty traditional food). On the table, we had an introduction with each other and also with our trek leader which will be going to guide us during the trek. After dinner, the trek leader gave some instructions and safety measures to follow in the whole trek. As it was my first Himalayan trek, so I’ve listened very carefully and made a note on it.

sankri kedarkantha har ki dun trek
Sankri Village

Day 2 – Sankri to Pauni Garaat (14 km/6 hr)

In Early morning we had breakfast and we got packed food for lunch. From Sankri we had to go Taluka by road and from there we had to start the trek. Sankri to Taluka distance is 12 km and 1 hr journey. After reaching taluka the trek operators kept the tents & cooking stuff like cylinders on mules (khacchar – the animal used to transport material). If any trekker doesn’t want to carry his own rucksack/backpack, they are allowed to keep on mules for some nominal charges, but we all decided to carry our own luggage.

taluka near sankri
Tourist Reception in Taluka

From Taluka, we all started the trek in the guidance of our trek leader. We all were so excited because almost everyone in my group was experiencing the Himalayan trekking for the first time. We were trekking alongside the river Supin and we were being told that we will do the whole trekking alongside this river.

taluka - har ki dun trek
Trek started from Taluka

On the way, we met shepherds and some pahadi (local people live in mountains) people and talking to them with trekking alongside and taking breaks we reached our first campsite at Pauni Garaat which is near the base of village Osla. The tents were organized besides the river and we can listen to the beautiful sound of the river throughout the night.

Day 3 – Pauni Garaat to Har Ki Dun (16 km/7 hr)

Today’s morning started with a warm-up and stretching. After that, we had tea and pakodas in breakfast. Today we had to trek on higher altitudes with steep slopes.

tea at campsite - har ki dun
Having Tea at Campsite

I will definitely recommend everyone to must try at least one Himalayan trek in life because here we will connect to ourself. We get real peace here, no disturbance of the outside world, no mobile network.

har ki dun milestone

We have crossed many valleys in this route. In Himalayas whenever you’ll found yourself thirsty just fill the water with flowing water which you can get anywhere and if you don’t feel thirsty then also you should drink water in every 30 minutes to keep your body hydrated. When we were about 1 km far from Har Ki Dun, then gradually in Kalkattiyadhar region the rain started and we need to rush. This was the first time we got rain during this trek.

top view - har ki dun
Top view of the bridge we have crossed

So after struggling for 1 km we finally reached to Har Ki Dun valley. As we reached there, the tent was already pitched for us and we went directly inside the tent around 5 pm. After some time rain stopped and then as I stepped out from my tent I got amazed by the beauty of Har Ki Dun at 11,678 ft.

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Day 4 – Har Ki Dun to Jaundhar Glacier & Back (14000 ft/9 hr)


I’ve never imagined this much beautiful place ever. It was feeling like exactly the same I’ve watched in fantasy animated movies. Today was the relaxation and exploration day for all of us. But some of us chose to explore beyond this, so our trek leader suggested to visit Jaundhar glacier. We clicked some photos around the campsite and visited small shiva temple which was beside the river Supin and started the trek to see the mesmerizing view of glaciers. As we have started the trek, I was feeling like this would be the toughest day in trekking.

soup breakfast - har ki dun trek
Soup and Popcorn Breakfast

In starting we passed the trail covered with lush green it felt like we are in Kashmir valley. After that, we got the view of Swargarohini Parvat (Parvat refers to Mountain in Hindi). It is believed that the Pandavas of Mahabharata went to heaven from this mountain itself as the staircase to heaven that is the reason this mountain is known as Swargarohini (Swarg means heaven).

view of swargarohini
View of Swargarohini

After continuous ascend we have reached at 14,000 ft from where we can see the perfect view of Jaundhar Glacier Range. At that place, we were not feeling like that we are on that much altitude because it was not like summit it was like normal land but there the climate was too cold.

jaundhar glacier - har ki dun trek
Jaundhar Glacier View – Last Point of our Trek

It was 2 pm and we were so hungry by that time. So we had lunch there and suddenly during our lunch snowfall started. That was our first and last snowfall from that trek. We were eating together and simultaneously enjoying the weather also. After lunch, we started to descend and by 6;30 pm we’ve reached to our campsite back in Har Ki Dun. This was the most exhausting day for us because the trekking trail was full of stone petals and too tough for legs to trek all day on that path.

view of swargarohini mountain

Day 5 – Har Ki Dun to Pauni Garaat Via Osla (Return)

Now it was the time when we had to return back from where we have started this amazing Himalayan trek. On the same path with the same people, we were going back with singing songs and playing games. This time we have passed via village Osla.

a beautiful view from kalkattiyadhar - har ki dun
A thrilling view near Kalkattiyadhar

Osla is a small remote village in Garhwal region in Uttrakhand. There were many guest house for the trekkers and it was one of the beautiful village located on the hills.

osla guest house - har ki dun trek
Amazing Top view of River Supin

In the village, I made some new friends (Himalayan Dogs) which were chasing us till our campsite.

temple in osla
A beautiful Temple in Osla

Day 6 – Pauni Garaat to Sankri

On the last day of the trek, we did so much fun together cracking jokes and playing games. We have celebrated the birthday of one of the member from our group and the coordinators who are serving us during the whole trek they’ve prepared a delicious cake from whatever ingredients they had and surprised us with the cake.

campsite near river
Campsite in Pauni Garaat

After reaching Taluka, me and one of my friend had to sit on the roof the vehicle till Sankri because there were no seats left inside, but that adventure was also awesome.

cake during har ki dun
Birthday Celebration with surprised Cake

Day 7 – Sankri to Dehradun (By Road)

The last day I got a certificate of the achievement from the trek leader of my first Himalayan trek and after having breakfast we explored the Sankri village. Here you’ll get all the things for trekking and winter wear from gloves to raincoat & everything. At 10 in the morning, we all did wave to each other and left for Dehradun.

sunrise in village osla
Sunrise from our 1st campsite

So now you are thinking that in 7 days of the trek with no mobile network just continuously walk and walk. Won’t be it so much boring?

My answer will be NO. You meet new people with new places sharing your life experiences with them and vice versa.

So I have shared all the major experiences with you of this trek.

maggi point - har ki dun trek
A view from Maggi Point


Note: The Place is pretty clean for now. Request to please keep the place clean, dispose of garbage responsibly.


I have also made a VLOG on this trek which you all must watch and for sure you will experience my kinda travel.

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Any Questions or queries? Ask me in the comment section for a quick response.

I hope this blog will definitely help you in making your next Himalayan Trip Itinerary.

best himalayan trek - har ki dun
Taking a break in between


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


1. How difficult is Har Ki Dun Trek?
Answer: Har Ki dun comes under Easy-Moderate trek which is suitable for beginners and first-time trekkers.


2. Is there snowfall in Har Ki Dun?
Answer: If you want to see snow in this trek then April month is the best month to visit for snowfall.


3. Which season is best for the trek in Har Ki Dun?
Answer: Summer Season (April-June) is best for Har Ki Dun trek.


4. How can I go to Har Ki Dun?
Answer:  For Har Ki Dun trek, the nearest Airport and Railway Station is Dehradun. From Dehradun, you can go by road to Sankri – the basecamp of Har Ki Dun.
Dehradun>Sankri>Taluka>Har Ki Dun


5. How long is Har Ki Dun Trek?
Answer: The trek distance of Har Ki Dun is approximately 47 km. If any trekker wants to go for Jaundhar Glacier then the total trek distance is 65 km.


6. What is the maximum height of Har Ki Dun Trek?
Answer: 11676 ft. is the maximum altitude of this trek.


Note: Some numerical information such as distance, altitude might differ from actual information.

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